What Is a Swing Bed Hospital?

Apr 11, 2024 | Services | 0 comments

Patients in rural communities often face a geographic barrier in healthcare, especially when it comes to post-hospital recovery. In urban areas, patients might go to a hospital for acute care and transfer to a specialist facility before they are well enough to go home. Rural patients may not have the same options. Rural communities have fewer hospitals and scarce or nonexistent specialist recovery facilities. The existing facilities may require long travel times when a patient is already vulnerable. 

Swing beds are a unique solution to this rural issue, bridging the gap between acute care and at-home recovery. Learn more about swing bed hospitals, how they work, and how their unique place within the healthcare system benefits patients. 

What Is a Swing Bed Hospital?

A swing bed hospital is a special type of hospital that provides transitional care, usually in a rural community. The name can be misleading, as there are no actual swinging beds involved. Instead, the name refers to the patient’s ability to transition from acute care to skilled nursing care without leaving their bed. They “swing” from one receiving one type of care to another. 

Imagine a patient recovering from a car accident. After their initial treatment in the hospital, they’ll need physical therapy to fully recover. Because they are in a swing bed hospital, the patient can stay in the same room, in the same bed, and attend daily physical therapy appointments to speed their recovery. They don’t have to travel long distances for appointments, keeping them close to home and their loved ones. 

What Are the Benefits of a Swing Bed Hospital? 

Swing bed hospitals offer benefits to patients and the larger healthcare system. Patients staying in a swing bed hospital can benefit from: 

Continuity of Care

Patients don’t have the stress of navigating a new facility or getting to know a new medical team. They receive ongoing care from a team that already knows their medical history and understands their needs. This seamless transitional care can lead to a more effective and comfortable recovery. 

Better Access to Care

Swing bed hospitals fill a crucial gap in rural healthcare. Patients get access to vital services like skilled nursing, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services they might otherwise have locally. This eliminates the need to travel long distances for appointments and can improve patient outcomes. 

Familiar Surroundings

Recovery can be stressful. Being in a familiar setting and surrounded by loved ones can be comforting. Swing bed hospitals allow patients to stay in the same room, reducing their stress and leading to a more positive recovery experience. It may also keep them closer to loved ones who can support them in the recovery process. 

Swing bed hospitals are also good for the healthcare system. They allow rural hospitals to use their available beds more effectively without increasing the demand for other facilities. Plus, they give rural communities more healthcare options, improving access to specialized care throughout rural regions. 

By providing continuous care and recovery options, swing beds help lower hospital readmission rates. That translates into savings for the entire healthcare system. 

East Adams Rural Healthcare Is a Swing Bed Hospital

Having the care you need during recovery from an illness or injury is essential to your future well-being. East Adams Rural Healthcare is here to ensure you get the care you need every step of the way. Our swing bed facility provides the support and services you need during your recovery period, close to home and near your loved ones. 

Contact us today to learn more about our swing bed (transitional care) hospital and how we can be your partner in a successful recovery journey.