EMS and EMT Services

Whenever and wherever you may be experiencing a medical emergency, East Adams Rural Healthcare is always here for you.

Our EMS and EMT services provide compassionate, responsive care to the Ritzville community and surrounding areas. Our goal is to make each patient feel safe, assured, and cared for — no matter how intense or urgent an event may be.

If you or someone you know needs emergency medical care, please call 911 or go straight to EARH’s emergency department.

Emergency Services at
East Adams Rural Healthcare

What exactly do our emergency medical services include?

Basic Life Support

East Adams Rural Healthcare maintains EMS to provide basic life support in emergency situations, such as providing CPR, oxygen, and defibrillation.


Our EMS team can transport patients via ambulance to our hospital or other healthcare facility.


We are also equipped to educate patients and their loved ones about their medical condition and how to manage it.


EMS and EMT services are a vital part of the healthcare system and play a critical role in saving lives. We aim to maintain a visible presence in our community and always be ready to respond to any emergency.
What Is EMS?
EMS stands for emergency medical services. Adams County Public Hospital District #2 provides emergency pre-hospital patient care through our EMS department. Our EMS department provides medical care to patients who have had a sudden or serious injury or illness. Area residents can access EMS care by calling 911 or by going to our ER.
What’s an EMT?
An emergency medical technician (EMT) is a trained and certified professional who is on call and ready to respond to urgent medical events in our community. EMTs assess patients’ conditions, provide basic life support, and transport patients to an appropriate location for additional care. Our team of professional EMTs is dedicated to treating each person in our community with dignity, respect, and the best possible medical care in every situation. It’s our purpose — and our honor — to support our town with rapid and vigilant service.

Ambulance Services

East Adams Rural Healthcare’s ambulance services are equipped to handle multiple, simultaneous emergencies in our local area. Our district operates four fully equipped ambulances with units stationed in Ritzville and Washtucna. The vehicles are staffed by a team of 14 on-call EMTs who are located within the community 24/7/365.

All our vehicles contain AEDs (automated external defibrillators) and basic life support equipment. We also have a bariatric stretcher on hand to accommodate weights up to nearly 700 pounds.

For information or questions about EMS services, ambulance services, EMT classes, or CPR classes, please contact our EMS coordinator at 509-659-1200 ext 216.