The Value of Swing Bed Rehab Services

Dec 19, 2023 | Education | 0 comments

When you or your loved ones are transitioning out of acute care, working with a team of experts makes the process smoother and contributes to a faster recovery. Transitional care, also known as swing bed rehab, is specialized support for patients who have yet to be approved to go home and are finished with acute care. 

East Adams Rural Healthcare works to provide excellent medical services for everyone who walks through our doors. As the Ritzville community’s most trusted medical provider, all transitional care patients benefit from our advanced techniques and personalized attention. 

What Is Swing Bed Rehab? 

In the medical field, things change constantly, and when patients prepare to transfer between different levels of care, they still need support. Patients at East Adams Rural Healthcare receive the following during their time in transitional (swing bed rehab) care: 

Schedules for Further Treatment 

All transitional care patients receive full support from their medical team to develop the best treatment plan and any necessary follow-up appointments.


Patients meet with their doctors and other medical professionals to ask questions and learn everything they need for their medication and treatment.

Wound Care

If a patient continues to suffer from any wounds, they will continue to be monitored and treated and until recovered.

When Would You Need Transitional Care? 

Patients who need swing bed rehab may vary depending on their condition and the availability of their necessary next steps. Some instances in which patients may be sent to transitional care include: 

  • Patients between health conditions such as curative care to hospice 
  • Patients being transferred from the hospital to a senior center in the near future 
  • Patients transitioning from emergency care to some form of specialty care
  • Patients changing providers, including acute care to palliative care

The Benefits of Swing Bed Rehab

To maintain the best healthcare for every patient, East Adams Rural Healthcare provides convenience, flexibility, and personalized care. Here are a few ways that transitional care supports both patients and their loved ones: 

Reducing the Risk of Readmittance 

Patients who attend swing bed rehab are less likely to come back to the hospital after post-acute care. 

Lower Costs

After receiving transitional care, patients’ loved ones have fewer expenses for travel and missing work, saving them both time and money. 

Consistent Continued Care 

When patients undergo swing bed rehab, they have consistent access to the same medical professionals who are already aware of their needs and circumstances. 

Personalized Care 

With the lower ratio of patients to nurses, each patient receives more one-on-one time with their healthcare providers.

East Adams Rural Healthcare: Your Trusted Medical Experts 

Regardless of a patient’s circumstances, your care is the number one priority. When patients need more time to recover after surgery or are leaving acute care, our team is there to support their transition.

Swing Bed Rehab and the Ritzville Community 

If you or your loved ones are in the Ritzville area, East Adams Rural Healthcare is here for you. As a team consisting of your neighbors, rest assured that you will have the best care available every step of the way.
Do you have questions regarding swing bed rehab services? Contact the EARH team today for assistance.