Everything we do at East Adams Rural Healthcare revolves around our genuine care for our patients and their loved ones. We create and maintain a variety of policies that the service we provide is consistent, follows all relevant laws, and is of the highest possible quality.

Below you can find links to each of our policies that detail our standards and course of action regarding many of our essential services.

Privacy Policy
East Adams Rural Healthcare respects our patients’ privacy and follows strict policies to ensure their personal information is protected. This notice describes how medical details about you may be used and how you can access this information.
We provide services to patients and welcome visitors in a manner that respects, protects, and promotes patient rights. This policy applies to all members of our employees, medical staff members, contracted service providers, and volunteers, and to all vendors, representatives, and any other individuals providing services to or on behalf of EARH.
Death with Dignity Act, Non-Participation
Adams County Public Hospital District #2 has elected not to participate in Washington State’s Death with Dignity Act. Find the details of our policies and practices here.
Safe Haven
East Adams Rural Hospital is an approved location for the Safe Haven law, which is intended to ensure the safety of newborn children left by a parent with a qualified person at our facility. This policy provides a guide for hospital personnel in addressing the needs of newborns and parents.
Women’s Reproductive Health
This policy details the women’s reproductive health services provided or not provided by East Adams Rural Hospital.
Admission Criteria
The staff at East Adams Rural Healthcare use this policy to determine which patients meet acceptable criteria for medical care within the scope of practice that promotes safe, high-quality care.
Charity Care
Learn about East Adams Rural Healthcare’s policies regarding providing financial assistance for patients with severe economic disadvantages as well as the process for determining eligibility.
Palliative Care
East Adams Rural Healthcare provides resources and services for allowing a patient to die with dignity, to be comfortable, and to be able to have family and friends at the bedside during their passing. Read our palliative care policy here.