Health and Wellness Clinic

If you live in Ritzville, you’ve got a central source for your and your family’s healthcare needs. East Adams Rural Healthcare serves our community with a wellness clinic that offers scheduled appointments for needs such as annual check-ups or acute (short-term) illnesses.

We’re doing our part to keep our community healthy! Contact us today to schedule your wellness appointment.

What Is a Wellness Clinic?

Our wellness clinic offers non-urgent medical care via a scheduled appointment. As with EARH’s hospital and other healthcare facilities, the team at our wellness clinic consists of compassionate healthcare practitioners including nurses, doctors, and physician assistants.

If you’re experiencing a short-term illness, need a vaccination, or simply would like a regular wellness check-up, you can make an appointment and be seen usually within a few days.

Why Should You Visit the Wellness Clinic?

Most people tend to visit the doctor only when something’s wrong — they’ve come down with some kind of illness or suffered an injury. But your overall wellness requires some proactive work, as well. Staying healthy means taking steps to keep it that way.


A wellness visit is a health check-up that is usually performed once per year. A nurse or physician assistant will check your vitals and screen you for various health conditions. If needed, we’ll develop a plan to help you reach specific personal health goals.

The aim of a wellness visit is to promote good health and prevent diseases and other undesirable physical conditions. East Adams Rural Healthcare performs check-ups for a variety of reasons, including sports or work physicals.

Acute Sickness

If you’ve experienced a sudden change in your health — whether from a short-term virus or other unknown cause — it’s always a good idea to stop in for a visit with one of our healthcare professionals. We’ll do a thorough examination of your symptoms and provide treatment, if necessary.

The earlier your medical team can detect any problems, the better, so don’t delay making an appointment if you feel unwell.

Other Reasons for Visiting the Wellness Clinic

The wellness clinic at EARH can see patients for a variety of reasons.

Remember, if you are experiencing a serious or life-threatening condition — things like chest pain, difficulty breathing, or severe bleeding — call 911 or head directly to our hospital’s emergency room.


Any minor injuries or illnesses that can wait for an appointment


Vaccinations, flu shots, or other preventive services


Prescription refills


Referrals to a specialist or a diagnostic test

Second opinions or a consultation on a specific health issue

Help with recovering from ongoing issues such as behavioral health problems


Prevent future health problems

What Are the Advantages of Visiting the Wellness Clinic?

Our wellness clinic is a great option for anyone who needs fast and convenient medical attention for common health issues or routine check-ups. When you visit the clinic at East Adams Rural Healthcare, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits.


High-Quality Care

Get exceptional, professional medical care whenever you need it most, without extensive waits for appointments.

Wide Range of Services

You’ll get access to a variety of healthcare services such as vaccinations, physicals, screenings, lab tests, prescriptions, radiology, and referrals to specialists.


Save money by paying lower fees than at the emergency room or other facilities. Our wellness clinic accepts most insurance plans and offers several payment options.

Individual Support

Improve your overall health and well-being by staying one step ahead through our preventive care. We also provide education on dealing with a variety of health issues.