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Your Partner in Pain Relief

At East Adams Rural Healthcare, your well-being is our mission. We know how hard it is to live with chronic pain, and we want to make it easier for you.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the pain management specialists at HPM to bring you the best of both worlds — cutting-edge treatments and local convenience.

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An HPM Partnership At

East Adams Rural Healthcare

You don’t have to travel far or wait long to get the relief you deserve. We can schedule your appointment with an HPM pain specialist quickly. We specialize in identifying the underlying causes of your pain and offering you the most effective therapies available.

With HPM and East Adams Rural Healthcare working together, you’ll receive:

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Certified pain specialists

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Reduced wait times and appointments close to home
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Personalized treatment plans
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Better outcomes

Where Do You Hurt?

HPM is a team of skilled medical professionals who have extensive experience in pain management. They carefully assess your symptoms and pay close attention to the details of your personal pain history to find out what’s really causing your discomfort.

We can help you with a wide range of health issues that can lead to chronic pain, such as:


Joint issues

Neck and back problems
And many more

509-283-8773 EXT 305

The Treatments We Provide

Once they determine the source of your pain, the HPM team applies the latest therapies to ease your pain and restore your body’s normal function.

We use medically advanced methods to manage pain, such as:

Nerve blocks
Radiofrequency ablations
Medications (if needed)
And other advanced treatments

The HPM Care Team in Ritzville, Washington

Your HPM care team in Ritzville, Washington, is made up of dedicated medical professionals — board-certified specialists, nurses, and other qualified practitioners — who work closely with our hospital staff and collaborate with your primary care provider. They have the skills and the tools to give you the best possible relief.

We’re all on your side. We want to help you feel better soon so you can enjoy your life again.

509-283-8773 EXT 305