Transitional Care Unit

Transitional care — also commonly known as “swing bed” service — is support for patients recovering from an acute illness or surgery who no longer require acute hospital care but are not yet ready to go home. At East Adams Rural Healthcare, we strive to put the “care” in healthcare through everything we do. Our patients can rest assured that our team is always ready to address their medical needs in the most efficient and attentive possible way.

At East Adams Rural Healthcare, we strive to put the “care” in healthcare through everything we do.

What Is Transitional Care?

Our transitional care can involve preparing patients for transitioning from one care level to the next with improvement at each level until they return to their home, or to another healthcare facility.

During transitional care, our team may assist patients with education about medication management, wound care, scheduling follow-up appointments, and more.

Who Needs Transitional Care?
Depending on their condition and needs, patients may require a short period of time in our transitional care unit before transfer to a more appropriate setting, such as:
Within the hospital (for example, from emergency care to specialty care)
Between locations (for example, from the hospital to a senior center)
Between health conditions (for example, from curative care to hospice)
Between providers (for example, from an acute care provider to a palliative care specialist)

Advantages of Transitional Care

Transitional care at East Adams Rural Healthcare helps patients move smoothly from one level of care to another. It’s a highly organized and effective way for our hospital staff to provide the best treatment possible.

We’re able to offer flexibility, convenience, and — most importantly — personalized medical care — for a wide variety of patients with different healthcare needs.


Reduced Travel Time and Expense

Patients who need post-acute care can stay in the same hospital to receive their care. This can reduce travel time and expense for patients and their families.

More Personalized Care

Transitional care units often have a lower patient-to-nurse ratio than other types of post-acute care settings, which can allow for more personalized care.

Improved Continuity of Care

Patients who receive care in a transitional care unit can benefit from improved continuity of care. The same team of doctors and nurses can treat patients during their acute and post-acute stays.

Reduced Risk of Re-admission

Patients who receive care in transitional care have a lower risk of being readmitted to the hospital within 30 days than patients who receive care in other types of post-acute care settings.

Transitional Care at East Adams Rural Healthcare

With our transitional care program, we can improve each patient’s health outcomes, reduce their risk of readmission, lower their health care costs, and increase their satisfaction with the care they receive.

Our priority is making sure patients get the most comprehensive care possible between stages of their treatment.