What Is a Transitional Care Unit?

Dec 7, 2023 | Services | 0 comments

Transitional care, also known as “swing bed” service, is for patients in recovery from surgery or acute illness. These patients may need extra time in the hospital before heading home. Below you’ll find the ins and outs of transitional care and how it may benefit you or a loved one.

Understanding Transitional Care 

Transitional care is a specialized service that focuses on patients who are in between levels of care. During this transition period, patients receive education for their long-term care schedule appointments and wound care (when applicable). 

The goal of transitional care is to help a patient feel prepared to go home or to their next healthcare facility. 

When Do Patients Need a Transitional Care Unit? 

Patients may need to stay in a transitional care unit for a variety of reasons, such as: 

  • The patient is awaiting specialty care from the emergency room
  • Patients transferring from a hospital to a senior center
  • Acute care patients transferring to palliative care
  • Patients needing to move from curative care to hospice

Why Patients Invest in Transitional Care 

Transitional care works to provide patients with flexible, convenient, and thorough care throughout their hospital stay. It improves long-term care by: 

Reducing Risk 

Did you know that transitional care patients are less likely to be readmitted within the first 30 days? Patients can focus on recovery while their healthcare team manages their care. 

Less Expenses and Travel 

Transitional care patients have less required travel for treatment, which takes away some of the stress for them and their loved ones. 

Enhancing Continued Care 

East Adams Rural Healthcare patients receive treatment from the same team for both acute and post-acute care. This helps patients and their families form strong bonds with their healthcare providers — who can more easily track each patient’s unique needs. 

Personalized Care

In a transitional care unit, nurses have a smaller patient-nurse ratio, which allows for better relationships and customized care. 

What Is A Transitional Care Unit Experience Like? 

When a patient comes to the transitional care unit, they can expect a team prepared to meet their needs and exceed expectations. As your trusted healthcare provider, East Adams Rural Healthcare makes you the number one priority every time. 

The goal of every team member is to provide comprehensive care and get patients the care they need through every stage of their treatment. With transitional care from East Adams Rural Hospital, patients experience higher satisfaction, lower expenses for care, and decreased odds of readmittance.

Trusted Healthcare Providers From East Adams Rural Hospital 

East Adams Rural Healthcare emphasizes the “care” in healthcare for every patient from the moment they enter the hospital door.

As a family-oriented hospital, East Adams Rural Hospital recognizes the need for trust and support through every healthcare service. With a team of experienced medical practitioners and advanced equipment, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

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