Guide for When to Go to the Emergency Room

Dec 12, 2023 | Treatment | 0 comments

On average, 136 million people go to the emergency room in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Out of that number, around 30% are injury-related visits. 

In some cases, people spend more time questioning when to go to the emergency room rather than taking the time to get checked. Why risk getting worse and causing further injury? It’s always better to be safe and get checked out by medical professionals. Many times, internal injuries — the ones you can’t see — may be life-threatening.

10 Signs It’s Time to Go to the ER 

Illness and injury happen for a variety of reasons, and often unexpectedly. If you or a loved one experiences one or more of the following, it’s time to get immediate medical attention.

Sudden Numbness

Do you have a tingling feeling in your arms or legs that won’t go away? Numbness is a warning of other potential unseen issues. 

Chest Pain 

While indigestion and heartburn may be common causes of chest pain, it is always important to get checked by a medical professional. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. 

Vomiting or Coughing Blood 

If you feel ill and notice blood after you cough or vomit, seek medical attention immediately. 

Head Injuries or Severe Headaches 

After receiving any form of head injury, having an exam conducted by a doctor is essential. Concussions and brain bleeds may go unnoticed until it is too late. Individuals who take blood thinners on a consistent basis are at a greater risk of complications. 

Sudden Loss of Vision or Voice 

Severe and random symptoms indicate internal risks that need further investigation. If someone isn’t available to give you a ride, call 911 and get an escort to the hospital rather than attempting to drive. 

Changes in Mental Status 

Have you noticed changes in your perception of the things around you? Or have you experienced shifts in your mood that were unexplainable? If your answer was yes to either of those questions, seek medical aid. 

Random Fainting Spells 

Losing consciousness for any reason may show a shortness of oxygen to the brain or other problems. Get help as soon as possible.

Infants With a Fever 

Babies running a fever of more than 100.4, especially those under 3 months old, need to be seen by a doctor immediately. 

Unstoppable Bleeding 

Receiving an injury that continues to bleed should be inspected promptly by a medical professional. 

Shortness of Breath and Difficulty Breathing 

Individuals with shortness of breath may experience cardiovascular issues or lose consciousness. Paramedics and other medical professionals have access to emergency oxygen while the situation is being analyzed. 

In case of any medical emergency, call 911. While these symptoms are linked to many different causes, this list is a set of guidelines to keep you and your loved ones informed.

When to Go to the Emergency Room at EARH

East Adams Rural Healthcare is the first stop for locals in Ritzville and the surrounding communities seeking medical attention. Our medical team will assess any potential injuries or illnesses associated with your condition before recommending additional care. 

When possible, bring your government-issued ID and any relevant health insurance information. Rest assured that your care comes first, and you will receive care regardless of your ability to pay for services. 

Have questions regarding ER services? Schedule an appointment with the East Adams Rural Healthcare team today to learn more.