Children’s Toy Safety Guide: Having Fun While Staying Safe

Dec 5, 2023 | Education | 0 comments

Kids love toys. And parents love their kids. What does it take to make sure your kids have fun and stay safe at the same time? As moms and dads, it can be challenging to keep up with your children 24/7. Young ones are curious about everything and constantly put things in their mouths, even when they don’t know it’s a bad idea. 

If you’re worried about your children’s toy safety, East Adams Rural Healthcare is here to support you and your family.

6 Things to Consider When Purchasing Toys 

Anything smaller than 1.25 inches wide can be a choking hazard. When you’re searching for toys that are safe and enjoyable, here are some tips to keep your children safe during playtime. 

Bigger Is Better

Finding toys larger than your child’s mouth is a great first step to protect your children. Toys with small parts are easy to break and for children to accidentally put in their mouths.

Reducing the Volume

Loud toys are potentially harmful to kids’ hearing without parents being aware. If one of your children’s toys makes high-pitched or high-volume noises, try reducing the volume, limiting usage, or removing the battery from time to time. 

Strong and Sturdy Plastic 

Some plastics break easily. Thin plastic may possess sharp edges that lead to cuts and can be very dangerous if swallowed. 

Double Check the Label 

Always check the labels on toys before purchasing them. Most toys provide labels with safety information such as: 

  • Age warning: recommends ages for children to use 
  • Choking hazard warning: small parts 
  • Toxic or nontoxic components 

Toys That Shoot Small Objects

Kids love launching small toys in the air year-round. These toys typically include smaller parts that are a choking hazard and have the potential to hit someone in the eye. 

Crib Toys for Babies 

Does your baby giggle at their crib toy dangling overhead? Be sure to keep dangling toys out of the child’s reach and remove any loose toys from the crib. 

East Adams Rural Healthcare: Walk-In-Clinic 

EARH works to serve the community throughout the year with comprehensive healthcare. Kids are full of surprises, and that includes last-minute doctor visits. With the walk-in clinic, your family can come in at a moment’s notice without an appointment. 

Rest assured, your family will receive care from licensed and experienced healthcare providers. Patients come in for reasons such as:

  • Wellness exams 
  • Minor injuries and illnesses 
  • Preventative care 
  • Physicals 

If you have concerns regarding your children’s toy safety, the team is happy to provide recommendations for being proactive. In case of emergency, contact 911, and the EARH emergency room is open 24/7.

Children’s Toy Safety: Being Proactive 

East Adams Rural Healthcare works with families every day to improve their children’s health. Being proactive when selecting toys keeps children happy and, most importantly, safe. The staff at the EARH walk-in clinic are happy to explain different aspects of children’s toy safety precautions. 

With advanced technology and services, East Adams Rural Healthcare supports your family through every step of their healthcare journey. 
Have questions regarding your children’s toys? Get connected with the EARH team today.