East Adams Rural Healthcare is a non-profit public health-care organization operating a family-practice clinic, a 24/7 Emergency Room and ancillary ambulance service, a hospital, and a therapy center. From our base in Ritzville, Washington, we serve an area of about 1,500 square miles of eastern Adams County, plus substantial numbers of travelers from Interstate 90 and US 395, major highways that meet in Ritzville.

Our Emergency Room is a Level V Trauma Center, a Level II Cardiac Center, and a Level III Stroke Center (the latter two ratings being the highest possible). As a Level V Trauma Center, we provide initial evaluation, stabilize and diagnose patients, and if necessary prepare patients for transfer to higher levels of care; we also have hospital facilities for observation and to care for those patients whose medical needs do not require high-level facilities.

Our family practice strives to provide urban-level care quality in your rural community. When appropriate, our providers also work with selected regional specialty practices, a number of which send visiting specialists to the District's facilities on a regular basis, so that we can provide truly full-spectrum care.

Our therapy center can provide you with physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy, with a variety of treatment methods within each of those categories, all available in our dedicated Therapy Building, which has extensive space and equipment.

And EARH has sophisticated laboratory and imaging capabilities right on premises—both staffed 24/7 to serve our ER—saving vital time in establishing diagnoses. Our imaging equipment includes X-ray, ultrasound, and CT scanning, plus an MRI coach that visits regularly as does mammography scanning. Our laboratory can, among its other services, do pre-employment lab screening, including DOT-required lab screening.

Further, EARH seeks to involve itself in the overall welfare of our community. Working with such coalition organizations as REACH, the Rural East Adams Coalition for Health, partnering with neighboring rural Public Hospital Districts in the Grand Columbia Health Alliance, and participating strongly in the Washington Rural Health Access Preservation Group, EARH is at the forefront of keeping rural Washingtonians healthy.