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Gary Bostrom, CEO/CFO
CEO's Message

We had a Patient Centered Care training on September 18th. Staff were split between two sessions; morning and afternoon. This was well attended and was intended to improve customer service. There were a lot of suggestions from staff to improve our services.

We are working with one of our recruitment firms on an Internal Medicine Doctor candidate. She is a J1 visa candidate that is in Texas right now finishing her education and will not be available until June 2019. We had our first interview with her September 20th. Our providers and I also interviewed two other candidates that when we were in the interviews, our recruiter had misrepresented and they were not interested in our position.

Two of Eide Bailey's staff were here this month as well, working on the charge master and training with our Business Office staff. We had $1,067,672 worth of cash collections for the month of August. It is great to see this progress!

Assured Imaging, the portable mammography, visited with our Med Staff on September 18th.
This program does not seem to meet our needs for our community at this time. Dr. Sackmann will discuss further at our board meeting later this month.

As of August, we still have not seen funds from the State for the WRHAP unitive. This will assist us in funding Care Coordination.

After discussions, we released the funds for Leone and Keeble with the exception of $15,000 to be held with our attorneys until we have a substantial rain to test the repairs and replacements to our roof on the main hospital.

Our Physical Therapy building has had the roof replaced. Brian will have quotations for additional sidewalks that will connect the sidewalks from Physical Therapy to the old Admin office and some replacement concrete in other locations, for review at this month's Board meeting.

As always, I want to thank the constituents of our community for your continued support! You are the reason that we are here.

Gary Bostrom CEO/CFO