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Gary Bostrom, CEO/CFO
CEO's Message

Happy New Year! As we start our journey into 2019, we want to ensure that we are keeping our community informed. That being said, here is our current update.

Facility charges are now on available on our website per CMS requirements. Looking at other websites, this information is not very helpful. Some facilities combine charges into one charge, others list most items separately. This looks like a regulation that will confuse our patients if they try to utilize the information provided from each facility.

Our Maintenance crew has taken pictures of the ceiling tiles that still show leaks and sent to Leone and Keeble for repair in the early spring. We are still holding some money until the roof quits leaking.

The City of Ritzville has had meetings regarding the zoning changes that Gibraltar will need in order to do their renovation of EACC. I have not heard the results of these meetings. We have hired the firm of Parsons | Burnett | Bjordahl |Hume LLC to work on these issues for us. Our attorney is Taudd A. Hume.

The Health Care Authority (HCA) has come up with their own plan for an alternative payment plan for CAH's state wide. This initial plan seems to be lacking in many ways. So far, I have not heard of any facilities that will sign up for this plan. Their proposed plan appears to go back in time to the old Rate Review system. The rates facilities would be able to charge, would be set by a committee of 10 picked by HCA. There are many flaws in their proposed system. I already stated our facility is not interested in participating. I still believe we had a much better plan that was developed through the WRHAP group that HCA would not consider.

We cut back provider visits to Washtucna to every other week due to low volumes. Our providers are still seeing their patients there, or they can be seen at the Ritzville Clinic.

Please welcome Julietta Shapiro, MSPAS, PA-C. Her first day was January 14. We are very pleased to have her as a new member to our team.

The Grand Columbia Health Alliance will be coming out with a press release very soon to announce, officially, their formation and website.

As always, I want to thank the constituents of our community for your continued support! You are the reason that we are here. We wish you the best with the New Year to come! Thank you for choosing us for your healthcare needs.

Gary Bostrom CEO/CFO