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Gary Bostrom, CEO/CFO
CEO's Message

I would like our constituents to be more aware of what is currently going on at EARH, so I have decided to make this CEO Message as current and informative as possible. Please look for it to be updated on a monthly basis from now on. That being said, let's get started…

I received a call from the prospective buyer for EACC this week. They brought in another architect and builder as prices came in quite high from the other architects. He is planning on giving us a proposal very soon.

I signed an agreement with Agile Consulting Group Inc. to review our A/P invoices for improper tax revenue taken from us from our vendors. For this service, they will charge us 40% of net dollars collected. I checked their references and in some facilities there were large dollar amounts recouped. I don't expect a lot, but they will review the last 4 years.

We have been talking to Forefront to provide Tele Psychiatry in our clinic. Forefront would bill the patients directly we will just provide a room. It will be at least 8 weeks out for a startup of the program. With Medicaid patients already being taken care of by the County Health Department, this program would help the remainder of the population.

We are in contact with Assured Imaging for possible portable mammography. They may service us for one half day once per month. They will be getting back with me regarding a proposal. This would require a clinic patient room one half day per month. There is a tentative date for the third week of July to be their first visit at our facility.

Leone and Keeble repaired a damaged floor tile at the nurse's station this week. They are going to replace a section of the roof that has been leaking and reseal the tower. I have asked them to reseal the entire facility. Part of the leaking is the improper sealing on the new construction.

WSU has asked if we would allow two of their medical students to spend one week each training at our facility. Dr. Bryant and I will be visiting with their representative for the details. Part of the requirement is that there is lodging provided for each of the students. If there is anyone that would be interested in hosting one of these students for one week in June, please notify Tanya Rodriguez at (509) 659-5415. I don't have firm dates at this time.

In conclusion, EARH is in full speed to make sure that we are providing the best healthcare possible to our patients. Thank you for your continued support.

Gary Bostrom CEO/CFO