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Our Physicians

Marnie L. Boyer, PA-C
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Our Mission

Achieving excellence through exceptional quality to serve the health care needs of District residents and travelers.

EARH and its District Clinics are a regional hub for health care in Eastern Adams County that is well-integrated with a network of health care partners to offer exceptional care.

Our Why Statement

To provide the best possible healthcare to each individual in our community.

Measles Outbreak in Washington

As the Measles outbreak continues in Washington, we wanted to take a moment and assure the community that as of this point in time, there have been zero cases of measles anywhere in Eastern Washington, including Adams County. Please see these information sheets on Measles prevention, signs and symptoms to be aware of, and what to do if you suspect that yourself or a family member has this virus. If you have been vaccinated per Department of Health recommendations, the chances of you contracting Measles is very low. Additionally, in order to contract Measles, you have to have been exposed to it.
If you think you may have the Measles, please call-ahead to the hospital or your provider so we can instruct you on the necessary steps to take before coming in. The number one way to prevent spread of the measles continues to be vaccination. If you need to be vaccinated, please make an appointment with the clinic or your primary care provider today.

Measles Basic Information
Measles Vaccine: Our Best Protection

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